Babycakes Whoopie Pies

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For my birthday, I was lucky enough to get one of these bad girls: a Babycakes Whoopie Pie maker. At first glance this sophisticated piece of machinery looks like a glorified Easy Bake Oven.

But it’s more than that. As soon as I prepared a classic yellow cake batter, and started spooning the batter in each little cake slot, I realized I could use this baking machine for silver dollar pancakes, corn bread rounds and really small cupcakes.

After prepping the batter, spoon it into the little rounds, close the Babycakes Maker and let the cake halves bake for two minutes.

At two minutes, remove the moist mini cakes from the machine and let them cool off on the cooling rack that comes in the box. It’s so awesome I couldn’t (and still can’t!) handle it. Use the cooling time to make the marshmallow cream filling for the whoopie pies.

Yum! After the whoopie pie halves cool down, spread the marshmallow cream on one side of each half, and make a little yellow cake sammich.


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